PsGet News #2: new modules

I LOVE PSGET. There reason is simple, it works even if I do not have time maintain it Smile Anyway we have some new modules I want to highlight.


posh-npm  – Integration of the Node.js to PowerShell console. Adds tab completion and other goodies.

PSBabushka – A configuration management framework built in PowerShell to help automate Windows environments.

PsWatch – Monitoring a directory for changes and send changes to Growl

Send-Growl – And Growl integration for powershell

PoSHServer – PowerShell Web Server – Secure, flexible and lightweight web server to meet your requirements.


Now you have Chocolatey installed, you can go deeper and install PsGet with it (thanks Mark Johnson):

cinst psget


Please note,  Chocolatey package will install PsGet globally for all users.


There is an idea for PsGet to install modules to profile by default. Let me know your thoughts

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