My Surface RT (Gen 1)

I own Surface RT. This post is all about my subjective opinions about it.


What I like:

  1. Accounts. It was planned that it will be used as personal device. It does not. So now we have three account. My wife’s account, she writes some stuff, my account – almost for student work and what is more important my daughter’s account. My daughter’s account is most critical. She actually loves to make a mess on start screen, so now she have her own.
  2. Quite simple device. My 5yr old daughter has account, picture password, know how to install games. And finally she trained my 1yr old son, to play games.
  3. Hard to break device. Physically break. With two kids it is very important.
  4. Office and keyboard. Actually we bought this device because wife can write and I can do paper work for my studies.
  5. Also I love that unlike ultrabooks it does not shake when you touch the screen. This is actually what stopping me from buying ultrabook, and why I think that my next home computer will be Surface Pro.

What I would like to have:

  1. More space. I bought 32GB device. It was mistake. With 3 accounts, event with almost no personal files, there is not enough space. Only updates took about 2GB of space. If I will have next Surface it will be at least 64GB.
  2. 3G connectivity. May be quite temporary need, but about 1-2% of time I am spending with Surface RT there is no wi-fi around. And this 1-2% is quite important for me.
  3. More dots on my screen. I do not really need this, but it would be really nice to have.
  4. Cisco VPN client. Lack of Cisco VPN client limits me hardly. There is even PowerShell installed, but I cannot use to access to my working environment.
  5. Fully automatic updates for apps. Why I should click update button?
  6. More games for kids (1-3yro).

With just announced Surface 2, only #2 is fixed. Surface LTE will fix #3.

What I almost do not care:

  1. More apps. Actually there are apps for almost all I need.

What I do not like:

  1. Size of wasted space on my disk. I know technical details, but I do not care. 6GB at max with all Program Files will be acceptable.
  2. Rubbish web cameras, both of them.



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