Interesting Findings #2


Huge disappointment here, because of circumstances that is not under my control, I didn’t got v2. So only v1 real experience for the moment.

  1. As I mentioned before we need some gestures. And we actually did this with some heuristic algorithms. What I can say. People are very different. It is very hard to extract unique characteristics of the gesture. Surprisely, too many gestures are actually conflict with each other. Next time I will probably try to apply some learning or tree based decision making technics.

Kinect 2.0

There were chances to get v2, so I downloaded SDK 2.0. Few interesting findings here:

  1. Skeletons now bodies. Also bodies now include interaction information. This is quite good.
  2. For some reasons there is no prebuilt gestures. Probably MS will include them next time.
  3. SDK now distributed as one package. Developer Toolkit bits are now included in main package.


I tried to use D3. Well… I am not sure that I like it’s API. Some strange intersections with JQuery and AngularJS. I was using D3 to visualize joint points in Kinect. Looks quite nice, but also feels a bit slow. Probably this is by design.

Example snipped that I came up to ensure that all additions/removes/updates are rendered,


I am on the final stage of my labs project for Lviv Polytechnic. I still hate API. But results looks much better.


I am doing from edX. It does not take too much time and looks quite promising.

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